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Deer Hunting Scent Tips

How can hunters understand deer?

A) Try to become the deer! Where would you go or be based on the habitat and the weather. The majority of the time the deer will be there also. Example: You have a warm fall day and it is sunny out with a light breeze. The deer are in their winter coats so they are warmer than normal. You will most likely find them on the back side of a hill or blow down out of the sun with the breeze coming from their back. If you as a hunter had your heavy winter coat on you would not be in the sun and you would not walk as much as you would on a cool day. Use common sense.

B) Deer don’t wear watches! We as hunters are normally still on our daily time schedule from work. We have a few hours to hunt and we feel we have to be successful in those few hours. Deer move when they feel the need to feed or go to the bathroom. They will do this many times during the day but normally don’t travel far from where they bed for the day. Be patient and don’t look at your watch!

How do hunters harvest most deer?

A) The number one reason deer are harvested by hunters is because of their curiosity or large interest in things that are different in there environment such as foods, scents or decoys.

B) Deer density is another big factor. If the area you are hunting has a lot of deer your average of seeing one greatly increases.

C) During that special time of the fall called the rut your chances of harvesting a buck increases because of their sex drive. Bucks will be much more active during this time to make sure does are serviced which guarantees the sustaining of the herd in that area.

D) Last, is being LUCKY, just being in the right place at the right time but not knowing what you did or why.

What are the needs of a deer?

A) First and foremost a deer will do whatever it has to do to SURVIVE! We have all seen it many times: a doe will let her fawns go out into the field first and a buck will almost always let the does go before them incase there is danger. This is the natural pecking order of survival.

B) Second, is nutrition or the ability to be in tip top shape to withstand all weather conditions and in a bucks case to withstand the physical stress of the rut.

C) Third, is the ability to reproduce. Natures strongest trait is to keep the population balanced and keep it at its maximum potential for the habitat in which the deer exist.

Do all hunting areas have a dominant Buck?

A) Yes, every area will have a dominant buck. This does not mean that every area will have a 4 to 7 year old buck. The age of the buck will depend on who is the oldest and most mature buck in the area. As the hunting season progresses the dominant buck may change as the dominant buck may be harvested or killed some way. If you are hunting in an area that has heavy hunting pressure you will normally find the dominant buck will be younger (1 to 3 years old).

B) If you are a trophy hunter you need to know your area and know the hunter density so you will know the age category of the bucks in the area. More hunters means younger dominant bucks.

What scents are the best to use?

A) In 29 years of hunting and studying scents it has been interesting to see the change in the products available. Many of the products on the market today are better due to science. Others are just gimmicks that are cheap and serve no real purpose and work on curiosity alone.

B) You need to pick products that are real or natural. Scents that are naturally in the area you hunt will give a calming effect and will peak a deer’s interest. Increase the intensity of the smell to attract the deer in your hunting area and don’t use a warning scent such as skunk or fox, etc. These scents are predators or defense mechanism scents and will put deer on alert!

C) Real or authentic scents are much better than synthetic scents. Man still cannot reproduce something as well as mother nature can make it.

D) BE AWARE! The liquid volume of Estrus scents that are sold on the market today greatly out number the liquid volume of estrus urine which can be collected from the deer that are privately owned. You will have much better success purchasing from smaller product lines that are not sold in every store and gas station in the US. You will pay more for it because it is expensive and difficult to collect the REAL Estrus urine! Remember, You get what you pay for.

E) Cover scents are great for masking ones own body odor. Again use real natural scents that are not alarming to deer. The best scent you can use is the smell of deer themselves. Deer are relaxed around one another and if you put the smell of a new deer in an area you will find all the deer will come to see who is new. Real deer smells such as DEER HERD can be collected in much greater volume because it can be collected year around.

What are four facts to remember?

A) Deer are family orientated even though they are not herd animals!

B) Deer are attracted to NEW deer in their area!

C) Deer don’t wear watches and have no reason to normally be in a hurry!

D) The higher the pheromone count is in an Estrus scent the greater response you will see from bucks in the rut!

Best of luck in your hunting,
Doug Roberts
The Deer Professor

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